A Senator, Handler & Ms?

Bob Corker’s private Political Action Committee (PAC), Rock City PAC, has an interesting history of “disbursements.” Corker’s PAC is run by Kimberly Kaegi:

Kim Kaegi

Ms. Kaegi officially lists Corker’s private slush fund, Rock City PAC, out of her home at 1015 Stonebridge Park Drive Franklin, TN 37069 (615) 337-8552; (615) 376-2255. Kim@KaegiResources.com

Rock City PAC — http://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00407650

Ms. Kaegi is listed as the sole owner of that house and does not appear to be married.

Kim is also employed as a Managing Partner at LCR Capital. https://www.lcrcapital.com/team/kim-kaegi

Reviewing just the disbursements from the Kaegi-run Corker PAC, it shows that Ms. Kaegi was paid $320K from this PAC in just that past 2 years.  She’s received that same sum of money yearly since 2008. Ms. Kaegi is listed as the “Treasurer” for this private Corker PAC —  she must be good at “treasuring” because that’s a lot of money…!

Also, during that same 2 year period, Senator Corker’s Chief of Staff Todd Womack pocketed $88,000 from Corker’s PAC for “consultant work.” That payola is not Womack’s salary. Is the cash for something he knows and perhaps shouldn’t talk about?  Womack’s take exceeds my review, which only goes to 2014… he’s taken more since 2008.

Did I just discover a PAC where millions of dollars is flowing into Corker’s control and being dolled out to other candidate’s campaigns (perhaps to gain allegiance from the Mighty Corker)? Yes! It’s all there…!

Hush money for unethical/illegal behavior? Review the cash in/cash out for yourselves.

Did I also uncover a slush fund that pays for lavish dinners at steakhouses and seafood restaurants? Liquor store charges? Overnight stays at the Ritz-Carlton? Bar/tavern charges? Yes, yes and yes…  again found here: http://docquery.fec.gov/cgi-bin/fecimg/?C00407650

Apparently, Corker and his staff’s favorite DC restaurants are NoPa Kitchen & Bar and 701 Restaurant. $1,000’s have been spent there… interestingly categorized as “meeting expense, catering event, meals, etc.” They’re partying hard and getting away with it…

I focused here only on the money going out (and did with limited time). My hope is that someone with more knowledge of campaign finance law looks into Corker’s private PAC fund. Plus, anyone more interested into researching who is funding Corker’s PAC – and why – might find this information compelling.

As a side note… here’s a story on Corker’s Ms. Kaegi getting caught pimping out the Senator…with Corker’s weak attempt at denial: “Corker pitch: $10K meal, $5K meet:”


2 thoughts on “A Senator, Handler & Ms?

  1. What you failed to mention is that Ms. Kaegi is an executive at a company (LCR Capital) which sells US Green Cards to foreigners under the EB5 Visa program.

    The program allows foreigners to pay $500,000 for an individual green card or. $1,000,000 for their family to get green cards. The requirement is that the money be used to build a business in the USA. So, what does LCR do? They pool the monies and invest in commercial real estate development projects. It’s the cheapest form of capital for developers as they have a captive audience who wants the green card more than the returns.

    Pretty scary that Corker is on the Foreign Relations Committee and Banking Committee and his fundraiser has figured out how to capitalize on helping his real estate friends while selling citizenship.

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