Found: Mario Ugoletti

Up until now, finding a current picture of Mario Ugoletti (FHFA, US Treasury) has been a seemingly impossible task.  The only picture produced via a Google search is from Mr. Ugoletti’s high school yearbook.


I recently realized that Ugoletti must have attended Congressional testimony with either Ed DeMarco or Mel Watt.

I came upon this picture of Ed DeMarco testifying with FHFA GC Alfred Pollard to the right of DeMarco and someone I thought might be Ugoletti on the left.

I also realized that Ugoletti attended the Financial Stability Oversight Council on behalf of FHFA with Watt.  So, I searched for a picture of Watt at FSOC meetings and look whose name is in front of the same gentleman from the picture above.


MU card

So, we’ve finally cracked the “Where’s Mario?” mystery!

Below is the link to the testimony where Ugoletti accompanied DeMarco. This is the testimony where protesters interrupted the proceedings.

Mario looked much happier in high school. Hmm, wonder why…?  Though he did seem amused by the protesters. Pollard looked like he almost had a heart attack…!

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