“Sleeping on Things” by Luska

The following piece was posted on timhoward717.com by Luska on April 13, 2016 at 8:01 AM. Posted as originally written:

“Sleeping on things” has always been a reasonable policy for me,even though my work throws me into a fast paced environment ,often chaotic. That said, as I awaken this morning ,I cannot help feel sad,discouraged if not a bit lost. So many of us ,through the democratic process need to and count on the government we elect, to at least try to do the right thing and to be transparent and honest about it. My job does not give me the luxury of time to be sure the Government is looking out for the best interests of the people who elected them;we just assume that they will do their job as I do mine and use the media vehicles ,such as the WSJ to quickly check that it remains so
But now , those shreds of doubt, the talk of ,government “conspiracy” theories and the blatant Treasury (government) lies have been exposed (with yesterday’s release) one cannot help feel someone despondent for the future. Here, we have a Government, which takes two apparently healthy companies,tells everyone they are financially stable, then days later invites a secret meeting to tell select investors to short the stock as the proceed to place the companies into unexpected Government control at a ridiculous price despite a 1% loan from the Treasury being available to them (2008). This essentially impacted significant losses to the average taxpayer’s retirement funds and investments.But the WSJ told us it was necessary,and we believed.We assumed that the purpose of conservatorship was to reform and stabilize the companies at the time,and when ready ,release (the 3R’s). New investors ,after DD ,joined in ,as they should.Then the second “whammy” (2012) ;the NWS and the 3rd. amendment. Although, setting this up was illegal at the time,the Government told us that the Companies were in a “death spiral” and they and the “taxpayers” needed protection and the only way to do this was to fully nationalize and take all their available revenue. Again, the WSJ,along with the Urban Institute and others told us that this was true and the majority believed and many still do. But the lawsuits were not expected (Perry , Fairholme) and were brushed off as “greedy ” hedge ” funds ( by the WSJ) rather than defenders of American rights, freedom and the constitution. Thankfully they pursued as did this blog,as the average person was hand tied and did not have the resources to do such.
The Perry decision (2014) now as it turns out ,was based in part by Government perjury (Ugolletti), now (yesterday) exposed . In Nov. 2015, as the “house of cards ” began to tremble with talks of settlement, the Government again reached into its propaganda like control of the media with more untrue rhetoric from Lew, Corker,Stegman and Weiss in an unexpected attack.
But today ,as we wake up, we see the house of cards now falling. We understand that the Government has not only been hypocritically non-transparent,but has used a major media stream (WSJ) (through access privilege) to outright lie to the people that they serve.That they knew windfall profits were coming and for whatever reason (buried somewhere in the Treasury books) wanted the money for other reasons rather than follow their designated roles as true conservators of 2 very vital companies. So what now? What else have we been lied about? What else is hidden under the cloak of “executive privilege”? How can we look at the Government/Treasury and remotely see them as trustworthy or even credible in discussing anything ,including housing finance? What happened to the rights of people? Who is left to protect the poor, the middle class,and the future generations? This exposure of blatant Government/Treasury lies through the release of these few documents, is indeed and will become a dark day in American history for our government, but a real day of enlightenment for its people

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