Thomas Jefferson

“When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. When the government fears the people, there is liberty.”

4 thoughts on “Thomas Jefferson

  1. That generation (and up until around post-WWII) was very independent. unfortunately, our government has been converting the people from independent to dependent. they do it deliberately, slowly but very successfully. (like debasing the currency… slow and steady so they the pain is not accute. like a pimp gets the girl hooked on drugs slowly, then she’s pliable and will do anything, has no idea how she fell so far) the people don’t bite the hand that feeds them… literally.


    • Perhaps Jefferson was warning against the US government turning into a tyrannical system like the one the Colonists fought and won against. Consider that the Colonies were a part of the British Empire, so it was a group within the system fighting against its own government.

      Today, we have sub-groups within our society fomenting discontent against their modern-day view of oppression — WS plutocracy supported by its puppet system in DC. From Occupy WS to Black Lives Matter to the supporters of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. Different groups are restless with the status-quo.

      The last time we experienced this level of disaffection against the Establishment was in the 1960s which saw the civil rights & anti-war movements, Chicago Democratic Convention, Kent State, etc. Hopefully, things won’t become as violent as the 1960’s…or 1770’s….

      I agree with your assessment that our current oligarchy is extremely skilled at what they do. But each generation needs its own Jesus, Gandhi, Mandela or MLK to fight for justice.

      Here is how Abbie Hoffman put in the ’60’s:

      “Revolution is not something fixed in ideology, nor is it something fashioned to a particular decade. It is a perpetual process embedded in the human spirit.”

      My thanks go out to all friends fighting against Fanniegate — liberty, equality, fraternity!


      • I was watching show on MLK, kept wondering why they referred to him as Doctor King and not Reverend. I searched media and in fact the overwhelming reference to MLK in popular media is Doctor. I theorize it is because our society puts trust Faith hope in self, not the spirit…. the same “human spirit” in us (whether or not Abbie Hoffman or other revolutionaries understood the full context and meaning of what stirred in them), that guides guides us. Popular media doesn’t like to acknowledge that many great leaders trust and believe in the Spirit within. and most of the great tyrants trust and believe in the power of self. It’s a very fine line, but where we put the emphasis … makes all the difference. If unchecked, the ego will always go to fear (not love) and selfishness and to the extreme.

        investing incorporates science and psychology. it’s important to understand human nature and the obstacles we create for our own success, and Liberty.

        I’m very curious that Paulson fancies himself a man of faith, yet he’s unrepentant in the face of mountains of evidence. Pride, ego preservation and denial is powerful elixir, lest we/he “show weakness” by surrendering to the idea that we/he is not the “center of the Universe” and all powerful.


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