Update from Joshua Angel

From: XXXX
Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2016 1:14 PM
To: Angel, Joshua J.
Subject: Herrick.com page sent from XXXX

Mr. Angel,

I read with interest your essay titled “Government Perfidy and Mismanagement of the GSEs in Conservatorship” and the related letters to Fannie and Freddie’s boards.

I am a shareholder in both companies and have been tracking all of the various lawsuits.

My question is did you receive adequate responses from the Boards or are you proceeding with litigation? If you are willing/able to answer this question would you mind if I share your response with other like-minded shareholders or would you prefer for me not to share with others? (full disclosure: I have a Fan/Fred blog under a nom de plume).

Thank you for your consideration. Wishing you the best results with your efforts! And thanks on behalf of all shareholders.




Dear Mr. XXXX,

As of the present moment I have not received a single response to my letter from either the GSEs, or their respective B/D members.  In addition, having this day been alerted to Mr. Pagliara’s book inspection complaints against the GSEs I have for now, determined not to proceed with an independent complaint against the companies, or their respective B/D’s (i.e., breach of contract, breach of fiduciary duty, and injunctive relief).  Since the essay was published, I have augmented it with the attached materials which I deem to be quite pertinent.

Having responded to your inquiry, you are of course free to convey my answer to whomever you choose. 

Yours truly,

Joshua Angel

Attachment: Scan – 2016-03-14 15.36.17

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