Matt Hill Poses Questions on Twitter @hill_matt

Hey @JCarneysBeard, hypothetical question. If I told you that:

  1. A top gov official secretly told a group of oligarchs that he was setting up a sneak attack on you to stop the housing genocide bleeding
  2. Then actually went ahead and cut off your head
  3. Announced to public that due to excessive “bleeding”, your head had to be lopped off
  4. Wrote a book about the sneak attack in which your head was lopped off

What would you make of it?… Wait don’t answer yet, there’s more… What if then:

  1. It turned out that he actually only lopped off 80% of the head
  2. You and JC were then rushed into the conservator (let’s call them FHFA) so that they could save you
  3. Somehow you & JC were able to be saved, in return you saved America by doing the job you were sworn to do by birthrite.

Then what would you think? Quite an imagination, eh? Hold that answer please. What if then:

  1. While in his control, FHFA along with the Treasury tried to slow bleed you to death so that no one would notice.
  2. Congress, Whitehouse, TBTF, Treasury & FHFA waged a smear campaign & along with willing public, decried your actions and refused to
  3. release you from their control. They said your original “bleeding” was detrimental to the taxpayer and you are susceptible in genocides
  4. and even though your debts had been paid with interest, you are to be held forever in a life debt to the US Treasury.
  5. Good Samaritans in the form of hedge funds then came to your aid in a battle with the supreme court over your freedom.
  6. For some reason, the court is asking for proof of Treasury and FHFA fraud, even though the only thing you want is your freedom back.

@JCarneysBeard Well, that’s where my story stops for now. Is that too far-fetched to pitch to Hollywood? Maybe I gotta go Bollywood?

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