March 24 2015: Senate Banking Comm. Hearing – Financial Stability Oversight Council Accountability and Transparency

We’ll have to wait for more details, especially to learn who is on the witness list for this hearing.  However, this hearing may be of interest to Fan and Fred followers as the Financial Stability Oversight Council is chaired by Treasury Secretary Lew and attended by Director Watt.

Senator Shelby, Feb 23, 2015:

“The role of the executive branch in regulating the financial sector has grown significantly over the past several years.  In light of this growth, the Banking Committee will closely examine several areas of the government that demand proper oversight,” said Chairman Shelby.  “We began the 114th Congress by examining the impact of regulations on community banks and credit unions.  The Committee will now take a deeper look into other areas of the government that should be both transparent and accountable to the American people.  It is my belief that we will discover several areas where there is bipartisan agreement that common-sense reform is needed.”

FSOC Member Agencies

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