Bill Maloni: Feeling Snarly!!

Please read Bill’s blog post today.  In it, Bill states:

“It’s not your job, Mr. Watt?

Did you turn in your heart, brains, and political cajones when you took the F&F post?

Why isn’t it your responsibility Mr. Watt, who better?”

My response on Bill’s blog:

Fan O. Fred said…


I agree that Mel Watt was disappointing last week. Director Watt has recently completed one year on the job and has now testified at both the Senate and House finance committees. He has given a few interviews (despite NY Times calling last week’s his first) and he has given a few speeches. Now we have something to assess regarding his performance. “Disappointing” may even be a kind assessment.

Due to the longer-than-anticipated c-ship and the current quagmire, we need a Director that is explicitly clear with both his deeds and his words.

Unfortunately, I personally believe Mr. Watt is driven more by the loyalty he has for the President due to the confirmation battle and less by the responsibilities of the job.

Not my job!? Foolish to say once; utterly perplexing that he keeps repeating it. If he actually means that statement, he doesn’t grasp the job. If he is playing games with words, he should stop.

If Mr. Watt and Mr. Lew have a difference of opinion, they should have it settled by their mutual boss. It seems like that conversation has taken place and we are witnessing the results. So much for an independent conservator…

We have an administration using executive privilege and a director playing cutesy with his words. Yes…disappointing…

Fan O. Fred


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