Rebekah Erler

Rebekah was the President’s guest who was seated between Mrs. Obama and Dr. Biden during the 2015 State of the Union (SOTU) Address.  Rebekah was the individual who represented middle America at the speech and was mentioned 8 times by the President.

The earlier trip to Phoenix to talk about housing and FHA reforms (with a brief mention of FnF) was a test for the SOTU speech. Obviously, the WH pollsters figured out the message in Phoenix didn’t resonate with the Rebekah’s in this country.

Here is what the President did say at the SOTU on Tuesday:
“We believed that sensible regulations could prevent another crisis, shield families from ruin, and encourage fair competition. Today, we have new tools to stop taxpayer-funded bailouts…”

I’m no Rebekah, but that message even resonated with me…

Here’s what the President said at the 2014 SOTU:
“And since the most important investment many families make is their home, send me legislation that protects taxpayers from footing the bill for a housing crisis ever again, and keeps the dream of homeownership alive for future generations of Americans.”

Last year “send me legislation.” This year “we have new tools.”

There are perhaps infinite ways to interpret what the President said and didn’t say. One thing is for sure, he was not going to mention Fan and Fred… he never had in any previous SOTU address.

You have to understand that all of us in the FnF blogosphere have Fannie and Freddie on our brains.  However, you must realize that Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac is clearly not anywhere near the top of the President’s agenda.  The fate of Fan and Fred are, however, at the top of Director Watt’s agenda and I am personally encouraged with his work over the past year.  I believe Mr. Watt’s second year on the job will be even more impactful than his first.

Personally, I found the 2015 SOTU message encouraging. It is one more example of the change in tone on the subject.

Phoenix? A test run for the SOTU. The message was awkward, ill-received and corrected in time for the main event. The President said what he thought all Rebekah’s wanted to hear at the SOTU last Tuesday.

And it’s what I wanted to hear, too. For me, good news. My initial response to the SOTU speech was best represented by a Nelson Mandela quote.  Mr. Mandela’s words were much more eloquent than my own…which I posted on this blog on Jan 20.

I know many people are frustrated out there… Six long years…

I view our effort similar to turning a huge ocean liner…it takes awhile to change course…  Is it taking too long?  Yes!!  But the stakes are high…and this is DC for goodness sake…  And, FnF finally paid back all of the Treasury funds at the end of 2014…that’s significant…

We do appear to have momentum on our side, but we need to keep fighting for our freedom!

Stay positive, my friends!

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