Free Fannie and Freddie in ’15!

Perhaps the President believed the original premise from the Bush/Paulson/Lockhart trio. Then, when Secretary Geithner attempting to cover up his misdeeds as President of NY Fed by also blaming FnF, he too fed the President lies.

Now, Secretary Lew finds his department embattled in numerous lawsuits against “the big bad hedge funds” so the rhetoric at the top has not changed. And Sec Lew gets “free money” from FnF while he “let’s the judicial process take it’s course.”

There have been mixed sentiments both pro and con from both sides of the isle. The H.O.M.E. Forward Act was a D-sponsored bill to eliminate FnF. R’s have supported FnF, some vocally, some by voting against elimination bills.

We’ve gone from being pronounced dead, to being on life support to our near full recovery today. We’ve gone from being maligned as evil enterprises, to mismanaged duopolies to being the best way forward for the American homeowner, American tax payer and the American economy.

Don’t get me wrong…this thing aint over, yet! We need to keep fighting! Use the media, engage directly with Congress, talk to the Administration… Tell the Truth!

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