The Party

So, you and your sister go to a beer party. It turns out your parents and both sets of grandparents are at the same party. The people who purchased the beer lied about their age and the shop owner who sold the beer failed to ask for ID and proof of age. Further, there was a liquor control agent in the shop at the time and approved the transaction.

Everyone at the party had at least one beer, though the guys who brought the beer to the party were drinking pretty heavily. The beer shop owner was also getting really drunk. The party was getting so ruckus that the police showed up to put an end to the whole shindig!

What happened next is unbelievable. Of all involved, you and your sister take all the blame for the party! Everyone points the finger at you and your sister! Injustice!

Your grandparents then direct your parents to severely punish you and your sister indefinitely.  You and your sister are allowed to keep your jobs, however your parents collect all your earnings and then give all your money to your uncle. There is no end in sight to the situation.

Your parents and grandparents who encouraged you and your sister to attend the party are now upset with you, despite the fact that it was their role to supervise your actions and provide guidance.  However, they all decide to blame you for the entire out-of-control party. Shockingly, it becomes apparent that your parents, grandparents and uncle are secretly arranging for you and your sister to receive the death penalty for your role in “The Party.” Could this travesty happen in America!?

Let’s reveal the identity of all involved:

You – Freddie Mac
Sister – Fannie Mae
Beer Purchaser – Home Buyers
Shop Owner – Banks
Liquor Control Agent – Real Estate Appraisers
Parents – FHFA (though called something different at the time of the party)
Grandparents – Senate and House Oversight Committees
Uncle – The US Department of Treasury

If it didn’t actually happen, it would be incomprehensible to believe.

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